I'm a freelance journalist.

I cover science, health and culture for the world's top publications. I've reported from New Delhi, Cape Town, Seoul and Copenhagen.

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Youthkiawaaz article

Citizen Media Platforms Are Breaking the Silence in India

A Q&A with India's firebrand youth activist Anshul Tewari. Read the story in VICE magazine.

Annie spratt 135307 article

Can a Ring Save Women from HIV?

This ring could stop HIV in women. Reporting in The Development Set.

Corn article

Girls Take Note: Corn Fiber Can Strengthen Bones

An ingredient used in baked goodies can make girls' bones strong. Reporting in Science News for Students.

Lovedoctor article

In India, LoveDoctor Answers The Sex Questions No One Else Will

A new startup aims to solve Indians' love woes. Story in FastCoExist.

Things article
Fast Company

Scientific Proof That Buying Things Can Actually Lead To Happiness

Sometimes, even things can make you happy. Find how in this Fast Company piece.

Burger article

Grandparents' Diet Could Be a Weighty Issue For Grandkids

Your eating habits could affect your grandkids' health. Story in Science News for Students.

Sharon article

A Vaginal Ecologist's Crusade Against HIV in Women

Sharon Hillier is on a mission to save women from HIV. Read her amazing story in Science Friday, an NPR entity.

Fakesugar article

How Fake Sugar Can Lead to Overeating

Think twice before sprinkling that artificial sweetener into your coffee. Story in Science News for Students.

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A Feminist's Case for Decriminalizing Prostitution

It's time to decriminalize prostitution everywhere, reports Dinsa Sachan for Playboy.com.

Roach article

Got Milk? Roach Milk Could Be a New Superfood

Scientists have figured out the structure of "cockroach milk." Story in Science News for Students.

Teenager article

To Teens, Benefits Are More Persuasive Than Risks

A new study shows why teenagers show such reckless behavior at times. Reporting for Science News for Students.

Shutterstock 377580664 kucher serhii opener article

How Many Types Of Vaginas Are There?

Get to know your vagina better through this Prevention.com piece.

Drone article
The Lancet

The Age of Drones: What it Might Mean for Health?

Drones kill. But can they also save lives? I find out in the Lancet.

Je article
The Lancet

Asia's Battle Against Japanese Encephalitis

As the rainy season approaches, neurologists across Asia are bracing themselves for the annual
outbreak of Japanese encephalitis. Dinsa Sachan reports for the Lancet Neurology.

Period main article

How Young Activists Are Getting India To Talk About Menstruation

In this Dame magazine piece, I write about India's sanitary napkin revolution.